smh right now

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^That is the only time you will see me using an Arashi related gif.

I'm glad that most of my friends are not crazy bitches. That shit is exhaustinggg.
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Happy St. Patrick's Day.

No one believes I'm Irish too. T^T
My ears are still ringing. The new House of Blues is great and now I am more convinced I need to see Gogol Bordello there. I wish a certain SOMEONE would be able to come too but they are too busy in West Philadelphia...seeing Gogol Bordello at another time... >.>;

ho hum
Erika Sama is back. This is exciting.
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It's raining. I am sleepy.
I have a Japanese oral exam tomorrow. 冗談じゃねいよ〜
Also I have an English paper due... I don't want to do it..
I saw a huge insect in this room the other night and I'm afraid it will suddenly appear. In that case, there is no homework getting done. ever.

I finished Wuthering Heights a couple days ago. What the fuck.
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Why did Stephenie Meyer allude to Heathcliffe and Catherine all the damn time. I didn't really see a Edward/Bella parallel. Maybe she felt like referencing a classic would give her some depth. The fact she even dropped Wuthering Heights in her books made me not want to read it for awhile but I'm glad I read it now.
Poor Heathcliffe. You were a dick a lot towards the end, but I'm sure if Catherine and everyone else wasn't so cray cray things would have been different. Maybe.

I don't know what to read nexttt. I finished Things Fall Apart not too long ago so I was thinking I should actually read Heart of Darkness (unlike the time I was supposed to read it in high school) but who knows....I've been putting Lord of the Rings off for far too long. WAIT NO. I need to reread Harry Potter considering I REMEMBER NOTHING from the last two books. I'm such a failure. T^T

I also need to catch up with Lost. And start watching Supernatural... (._.)
Oh shoot...and then I heard CN Blue was in some new episodes of We Got Married.
Basically...there are many things I need to do that is not homework involved. I'm glad I have my priorities straight.



I GUESS I should be making more entries.
Today is my birthday and Deftones released their MV for Rocket Skates. (yayyyy so happyyy)
This song doesn't really reflect some of my most favorite Deftones songs but I like it. I can't wait to hear the rest of the album! >.< I kinda wish they kept the album title Eros instead though..sounds cooler....
If I don't see them live before I die....shit is gonna be on nd poppin. I really hope Chi gets better too. D: It seems like he's been making some progress though....

Jen and Jake got me Ponyo for my birthday. Apparently Betty White is a voice actor. I may actually have to watch this in English instead of Japanese now....

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Maggie I can't stop listening to Start Wearing Purple.
That lead singer doesn't take his shirt off in the MV enough.

...brb watching this over and over again.

I really don't care to make entries...

 ...I just want to watch We Got Married and lurk.

I hope fixes those broken videos...and uploads Family Outing.

I've had Shiina Ringo stuck in my head all week. Particularly ここでキスして。


Classes start again Monday....行きたくない >.< 
I hate not having a T pass...Guess I'm gonna have to start bringing lunch to school for at least the rest of the month. 
When does next break start again? @.@

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Because I am such a loser that I would do this again...

 But I need to get my livejournal entries up!

Set your music to Shuffle and defend the first 15 that come up. Tell us why they deserve to be in your library.

1. Teenager -- Deftones
I am never not in the mood to listen to this song. 

2. Change Clothes and Go -- Jay-Z ft Pharrell Williams 
Pharrell Williams is one of my many husbands. 

3. Amigo -- SHINee
My friend burned me a mix cd of kpop songs. I hated it at first because I know most boy bands lip sync but I grew to not care.
They're all attractive and that's all that really matters. And this song is so fun. AMIGO~!

4. Alicia -- Emilie Simon
I love this songgg. I think Emilie really sparked my  interest in France and got me into experimental/electronica/ambience/shoegazing whatever I don't know what music genres are. 
5. NEGLEST MIND -- 中島美嘉
I have a girl crush on Mika Nakashima and want every song she releases. =.=
This song gets stuck in my head a lot. I think its from NANA. 

6. Le Banquet -- Amelie Soundtrack
This movie is amazing. I'm glad daisyham gave me the dvd and soundtrack~! :D

7. Miss You -- 동방신기
DBSK was on that mix CD....but actually I really don't like them that much anymore. I don't know why this is still on my library. >.>;

8. Sonata in D for two pianos KV448 - Allegro molto -- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
I downloaded this so I don't know who the performer was....
Anyway this song always puts me in a good mood. I like the first movement the best. 

9. Mermaids -- Flight of the Conchords
I feel ashamed I haven't watched the second season of FOTC. Bret and Jemaine forevar. 

10. TEARS -- 中島美嘉
Mika sounds so young while singing this! T^T
I love the end of the song. 

11. Lost in a Contraption -- cKy
I love the vocals of this band. I saw them over the summer and was disappointed to find they had changed. 
The lead guitarist kept throwing shit at me and my sister. It was pretty great up until he blew snot rockets on stage.

12. One Summer's Day -- Spirtied Away Soundtrack
fucking love this movie and this song. 

13.  You're My Wicked Life -- "Dialogue" 
This is from the Kill Bill Vol. 1 soundtrack. It's when Bill is like, "aww poor Sophie"
But now when I hear this track I think of how David Carradine really died... O_O;;;;;

14. Instinct Blues -- The White Stripes 
Jack White seems like cool people. 

15. Take this Oath -- Killswitch Engage 
This probably one of few bands that I still listen to from middle school. It's not all screaming...

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This one's for you Rahul

*sigh* I wish my life was a Bollywood movie and we all just learned to respect our parents a little more. 

This is my first live journal entry! ~^-^~
I only have one friend...but maybe I will make more. Maybe.
I want to be able to post on ohnotheydidn't, omonatheydidn't, and aramatheydidn't. That is my life goal. Also to have a GQ husband wearing a certain military uniform designed by Hugo Boss. >.>;;;;;;;
I don't know what else to say....

(say shava shava~!)

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